The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition (PC) (2009)

Overview: You're Guybrush Threepwood, a young man who wants to be a pirate. Explore Melee Island and do what it takes to become a pirate. Then sale the seas and make your way to Monkey Island to save Governor Elaine Marley. And don't forget about the evil pirate LeChuck!

I played this game for the first time.

video game - The Secret of Monkey Island - Guybrush Threepwood
Guybrush Threepwood

Steam Game Time: 15 minutes

Today I revisited this game.

Setup: I mostly play the game with the new graphics (and audio), occasionally using F10 to see the old graphics. Eventually, after the game froze when I alt-tabbed, I turned off Full Screen.

Gameplay Log:
First talked to the important pirates to find there are three tasks: sword, thief, and treasure.
LOOM reference. "Ask me about LOOM"

video game - The Secret of Monkey Island - LeChuck

Talk to prisoner (mint).
Mancomb Seepgood.
Kitchen in SCUMMBAR.
Circus in clearing (pot). (Received 478 pieces of eight)
References LOOM with Bobbin line.
Troll wants something that "attracts attention but of no real importance." Maybe it's a bell.
Bought map (100 pieces of eight).
Bought sword (100 pieces of eight).
Bought shovel (75 pieces of eight).
Managed to walk from fork to Sword Master. She says to find Captain Smirk for training.

video game - The Secret of Monkey Island - Stan's Previously Owned Vessels
Visiting Stan's Previously Owned Vessels. (old version)

Tried following "dance" steps on doors. But not sure which of the four doors would be considered "back" "left" and "right".
Rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle (located at voodoo house).
I went to Hook Island and one of the dialogue options references Bobbin (LOOM): "I'm Bobbin Threadbare, are you my mother?" The reply is "No, your mother was a duck, now beat it." [For those who don't understand the reference, Bobbin's mother is a swan.]
Ah! Lol. I happened to get the troll's riddle right on the third try (not sure what would happen if I failed). But it's funny, because earlier, I looked at the item in my inventory and Guybrush said it's a "herring" and I thought to myself, oh, it's just a "red herring." Clever answer to the riddle.
I lost a piece of eight to the Grog Machine. I tried to give it another (because sometimes repetition is a solution) and Guybrush says, "I'm not stupid enough to do that twice."
Bought sword lesson (30 pieces of eight).

video game - The Secret of Monkey Island - Guybrush trains with Captain Smirk's Machine
Sword training with Captain Smirk.

He says to learn some insults, which I suppose I did do over at Hook Island. | Talked to Sword Master but she says I have zero experience. | Run into pirates on the path to gain experience with insults. | Two fights isn't enough either. | Winning the third, the pirate says I'm good enough to fight the Sword Master.
I used this for some of the retorts (to not waste time with it):
At safe, trying to see if that's what the dance steps mean. Confused, I asked for a hint and got an unrelated hint. First Hint Used: "You need to drug this meat with something."
Tried using meat with the barrel of grog.
[Took a break to get Win of the Day on League of Legends. 3.3 hours. In-game 2:55:40.]
[Came back to play more! I'm hooked!]
Eventually I gave up and asked for another hint. [The game first gave me the easier hint which I already asked for above] In-game 3:22:15. Second Hint Used: Flowers in the forest.

video game - The Secret of Monkey Island - Governor Elaine Marley
Governor Elaine Marley

Mansion cutscene. | Return to prisoner and obtained file. | Returned to the hole.
The trick to this puzzle (under the water) was a good one! Ha!
Okay... searching aimlessly for the treasure, it's time for more help. In-game 4:14:27. Third Hint Used: "You should use the map for the treasure." Fourth Hint Used: "Start looking at the fork." Hmm. Darn. I should have implemented Ockham's Razor.
The first instruction is "Back", but technically there are two choices for "Back" at the start. I wonder if it makes a difference which is chosen. I chose the more center one, on the left.
Filling a mug with grog will slowly corrode the mug.
Voodoo Lady: "It's an ancient root. Once prepared, the root can destroy a ghost with one touch."
I realized I had to pour the grog from one cup to another.
Prisoner. Sword Master. Meathook.
Tried talking to Stan at the Docks.

video game - The Secret of Monkey Island - Guybrush and his crew aboard The Sea Monkey
Guybrush looks at his crew: Meathook, Otis, and Carla.

Saved Rat in Cell.
[Finally stop playing. In-game 5:04:19. 24% Complete.]

Steam Game Time: 5.9 hours

Today I decided to continue playing, though I didn't play as much as before.

Gameplay Log:
Store for Credit. Look for job. I felt like I didn't procure a job, but he made it seem like I did. ::shrug::
Left Right Left Left Right
Got the ship for $4000. Asked him what he thought it was worth. Offered $2000, $3000 several times, and finally $4000.
On the ship and stuck.

video game - The Secret of Monkey Island - Guybrush at the mansion on Melee Island
Standing in the Governor's mansion. (old version)

Steam Game Time: 1.4 hours*

*I used about .1 hours of this time with the game on while cleaning up yesterday's Gameplay Log section.

+ Updated graphics; a lot more detail
+ Voice over added to this special edition
+ Seamlessly switch between old and new
+ Good story paired with generally reasonable puzzles
+ Humorous

~ the graphics for the updated characters sometimes looks better and sometimes look worse; however, I never played the old game

video game - The Secret of Monkey Island - Guybrush on the dock (new version)
video game - The Secret of Monkey Island - Guybrush on the dock (old version)


Overall, while I've only completed a third of the game, I generally enjoyed the game and may one day finish it.

The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition (PC) (2009)*
*The Secret of Monkey Island (1990)

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