Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition (PC) (2012)

Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition (PC) (2012)*
*Dark Souls (PS3/360) (2011)


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After spending twenty minutes customizing my character, I played this game for about twenty minutes at the airport today. However, I barely made any progress in it.

How did I miss a gigantic gaping hole in the wall? (20160207)


Today I decided to revisit Dark Souls and so I made a new character and started a new game. Like the last time I played, I put twenty minutes into the customization of my character. This time, however, I played for a good forty minutes and actually made some progress before taking a break from it.

Part of the opening cut scene (20160207)

Explicitly by "some progress" I mean to say that I finally talked to the Elite Knight, but was stuck until I looked up something I overlooked: after triggering the boulder trap, the boulder will roll down the stairs and break down the wall. After the boulder fell on me, I continued up the stairs and encountered the locked door.

I decide to play as a knight (20160207)

Not knowing what to do, I backtracked all the way to the start of the game and back before looking up the above mentioned piece of information.

First Impressions:
Knowing that there's a lot of gameplay opportunity when it comes to Dark Souls, it follows that I've barely scratched the surface.

So many adjustable details! (20160207)

Thus far, I could say that the game has a solid tutorial and good gamepad support. I would give it another thumbs up for the detailed character customization and look forward to spending more time with the game in the future.

Originally I played as a warrior (with purple hair) (20150102)

Steam Game Time: 69 minutes (total game time)*
*The time I spent playing on 20150102 isn't tracked because it was offline.

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