99 Spirits (PC) (2013)

99 Spirits (PC) (2013)

The protagonist, Hanabusa.
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Having trouble sleeping, I decided to play a game. Originally planning play for about an hour before heading back to sleep, I ended up playing 99 Spirits for a whole four hours.

Komiya functions as a guide throughout the game.
Warning: Trying to bring up the Steam Overlay (Shift+Tab) causes the game to shut off.
Instant Comments:
Skimmed through an 100% Achievement guide.
Prior to receiving Gokon sword I try to avoid the enemies.

When a Tsukomoaami attacks, you have a short instant to defend!
After obtaining the Gokon sword I use a Spirit Index guide to make it easy - a situation where I don't mind cheating a bit; Spirit List by Location.
Before fighting the boss of Shura Valley. [S] Page 1 Slot 3.
When asked to "Keep fighting?" against the spirit that might be Hanabusa's father, I answer "No." [S] Page 1 Slot 4

[L] Page 1 Slot 3. Fought the boss again. This time I waited for the guess power to fill and I guessed "Katana." While this unlocked the Steam achievement "Telepath," the game doesn't accept guessing in this situation without going through the story which requires using the hint power twice to reveal "Father" and "Smith." Also I answered "Yes." [S] Page 1 Slot 5.
[L] Page 1 Slot 4. I continue with this save file.

Use the Gokon sword's power to reveal the Tsukomoaami's identity.
I make the realization that the fun of the game entirely revolves around guessing the word.
The guide says the encounters at the Tamagami Shrine probably come from the same list as spirits in the Tamagami Shrine area. The list confirms "hat," "hoe," and "torii." I encountered "torii" and "sieve." I didn't know what a torii was and without the guide I never would have guessed it.

I purchase Gem 2 Raise, Gem 1 Info, Gem 2 Info, Gem 3 Info, and Gem 2 Escape. From this I gathered that "Info" and "Escape" are one-time purchases.
During a fight (hatchet) the game bugged out. Hanabusa still moves and I could press 'R' to bring up the Message Log, but nothing else triggers.

The game bugged out again, but ever since the last one I save the game after every new Spirit. :D
Gem 1 Raise. Gem 2 Escape.

+ The Message Log is available from the Config menu (click on "Confirm) as well as during any dialogue (click on "L"). Approximately 25 blocks are saved.*

Tamagami fixes one of the orbs on the Gokon sword.
+ Great character art.

~ Without a guide, definitely requires some proficiency of English vocabulary. Can get by with a guide and knowledge of the Roman alphabet. Actually, the game has some uncommonly used words as well. For example, torii, katana, kusarigama, naginata, and inkstone.

This dialogue shows how the descender of "g", "j", "p", and "y" get cut off.
~ Not as grind intensive as some other games may be. Perhaps only so if one is going for a 100% completion rate.

Minor Con:
- Perhaps not programmed for English text, letters with a descender get cut off (g, j, q, p, y).
Major Con:
- Game seems to have some bugs which requires frequent saves.

*On that note, press "A" for autotext and press "T" for a prompt to return to the title screen. Note that all progress since the last save will be lost when returning to the title screen.

While the game has several bugs, it was unexpectedly fun to play and the annoyance of constantly saving is worth at least an hour of time with this game.

Steam: 4.0 hours (total game time)

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