Racer 8 (PC) (2014)

A casual game where the player must rotate the gameboard tiles in order to guide a rally car though checkpoints and to the finish line.

Racer 8 (PC) (2014)


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Today I played this game for 81 minutes before deciding I should not play it anymore.


1) The game doesn't really explain the two power-ups.
1a) Co-driver means you'll see dots showing where the car will go. The dots do not extend indefinitely, but long enough to plan ahead.
1b) Auto driver means a path leading to a crash will automatically be fixed by the AI. It is, however, an imperfect AI.
2) Click on the camera to allow rotation of the map without the car moving. The habit of clicking the camera can prevent a crash.

Gameboard. Foggy weather. Using "Co-driver"

3) Power-ups stay on your car until you crash.
4) Whenever you see a triangle, the menu can be scrolled. Click with the mouse and drag up. This is probably geared towards tablet users.
5) At the home menu, there is an icon in the upper left that indicates the "Garage." Use it to buy other cars and/or colors.

~ Casual game
~ Childish graphics

The game has 50 levels.

- Probably designed as a tablet game (touch controls) and ported to PC as an afterthought.
- Simple and slow paced (especially for a car game)
- Repetitive.
- Can't go back to a level. Though to be fair the game is so repetitive that perhaps there is no reason to.

After playing this game for an hour, I would recommend you stay away from it.

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