Brütal Legend (PC) (2013)

Brütal Legend (PC) (2013)
: Brütal Legend(PS3/Xbox 360) (2009)

Eddie Riggs (voiced by Jack Black)

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Eddie and Ophelia

20140518: 22:39 ET to 23:34 ET
So far I've only played an hour of Brütal Legend and in that hour the game was always introducing new and exciting game mechanics. In addition to the fun gameplay, the game also had some pretty cool cutscenes.

The Deuce (a.k.a. The Druid Plow)

There were two parts in the game where I died: once during the bridge collapse and once just a little after finishing the army collection. In both situations, I had respawned at the start of the corresponding sections.

Lar's sister Lita

While falling off the bridge warranted dying, I had no indication in the second situation that the main character was about to die, prompting me to ask myself, "What are the conditions for dying?"

Lars Halford

Overall, in addition to all the fun gameplay, Brütal Legend also has some pretty funny dialogue. If you like action adventure games, check out Brütal Legend.


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