Path of Exile - Harvest

Overview: Harvest is the Path of Exile challenge league which introduced the Sacred Grove gameplay mechanic. Seeds can be found in each area and planted in the Sacred Grove. When the seeds have grown, the player can harvest them for their Lifeforce (by defeating the enemies that spawn from them). Either use the Lifeforce immediately for a variety of crafts or store them for later use. Unfortunately, the mechanic was essentially too overpowered to carry forward as a permanent mechanic. The league started on 20200619 and ended 20200914.

Ready to harvest a patch of fully grown Wild seeds.

I started playing the first day of the new league. I played for about ten hours!


Today I did some reading and apparently using Righteous Fire adds a lot of damage to the build for not that much cost. In particular, my notes indicate that I bought Opalescent Oil (5 chaos), Cloak of Defiance Lacquered Garb (30 chaos), and Golden Oil (29 chaos) for the build (at 4 AM on 20200730).


A sample of the crafting options available after harvesting.

20201206 Comment: This league was fun for me in part because I was able to craft some gear and generate some currency. The following were my purchases I had made greater than or equal to 40 chaos:
Perepiteia Synthesised Ezomyte Spiked Shield40 chaos
Hate Spell Prophecy Wand80 chaos
Kitava's Teachings Small Cluster Jewel68 chaosThere were listings for 55 and 65 c, but I couldn't get them.
Horror Claw Fingerless Silk Gloves48 chaos
Watcher's Eye Prismatic Jewel2 exalt(1 ex is 165 c)
Vengeance Song Prophecy Wand120 chaosThe person asked me to make an offer. An ex was currently 144.9 c, so I decided to offer 120 c.

Mapping with Righteous Fire and Perepiteia Synthesised Ezomyte Spiked Shield. About to enter The Sacred Grove.

In terms of generating currency, the following were sales I had made greater than or equal to 40 chaos:
my previous pair of Fingerless Silk Gloves100 chaosSomeone made an offer. I figured they were similar to the ones I just bought for 48 c...
jewel with 7% life, intelligence, and physical damage leeched as life50 chaos
21/0 Malevolence1 exaltI had listed this for 120 c and the person offered 1 ex (1 ex is 170.9 c)
jewel with 9% global critical strike, 16% critical strike multiplier70 chaos
jewel with 5% attack speed while dual wielding, 15% melee critical strike multiplier, 7% life150 chaos
21/20 Arc1 exalt(1 ex is 149.9 c) (20/20 is 139.5 c on
42% opal wand with 60% (tier 4) spell mod40 chaos
21/9 Vaal Blade Vortex2 exalt 100 chaos(1 ex is 131.0 c) (21/20 is 8.5 ex, 21/0 is 50 c on I listed this for 3.5 ex, person offered 2.5 ex, I countered with 3 ex, and the person say he/she only have 2 ex 100 c.

Left, Center, Right: different angles of Denaba. Bottom: Righteous Fire enabled. Top: using arc with consecrated ground automatically triggered. 

In addition to the fun of the Harvest mechanic itself, changes in some game mechanics and game balance made it so that a build I partially played during Delirium league, Enki's Arc Elementalist, was reworked from the Elementalist ascendancy to the Necromancer ascendancy. I'm glad I was able to play Enki's build more fully this league - even though it was quite different. The important part was that it was fun to play. I should note that a big boost in damage came partway through the league when somebody noticed that Righteous Fire synergized well with the build.

Finally, I want to be sure to mention that I spent a lot less time playing this league compared to last league. Of course, in the last league, I essentially put time into two full characters. In addition, there was a good amount of inefficiency caused by my inexperience with the game. In particular, in hindsight I realized that my attempt to farm Oni-Goroshi was extremely inefficient. With that being said, this league definitely had it's own set of inefficiencies which I had not yet overcome.
Note: this chart is not as accurate as it can be.

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