Sokobond (PC) (2013)

Overview: A puzzle game with a chemistry theme.

I was holding my baby and looking for a game I could play with just a mouse. Instead of browsing my Steam library, I looked through the list of games I've gotten from my Twitch Prime membership (via Amazon Prime). Out of the different games that seemed like they could be played with one hand,* I first tried Sokobond and luckily it only needed one hand to play. The game is fun and I'm tempted to blast through it. However, I think it'll be better if I save it for when I only have one hand available.

In the first level, form H20 (water).

Setup: Full screen.

Game Controls and Mechanics: In every level, the player controls one of the elements (e.g., hydrogen, oxygen, etc.). Move the element around the level with the arrow keys and come into contact with other elements to create a bond with them (whenever there's a space for a bond). Undo an action with 'Z' and reset the level with 'R'.

Game Time: 40 minutes

*But not those kind of games...

+ Difficulty increases at a steady pace

Upon completing a level, the game reveals a fact about the compound that was assembled.

+ Calming music
+ Original concept
+ Unlock new levels at a steady pace; if a player is stuck on a particular level, the player can usually set it aside in favor of playing another level

~ Casual
~ Balance between trial-and-error and logic

Minor Con:
- The level names act as hints. I like the ability to reveal hints instead of having them staring straight at me.

The premise of the game seemed daunting but the actual gameplay was satisfying and the music that plays in the background is calming. Furthermore, there is a healthy balance of trial-and-error and logic that goes into solving many of the puzzles.

The game introduces a new mechanic: splitting a bond. Move across a red spike to split a bond.

I would highly recommend the game to players who enjoy simple puzzle games.

Sokobond (PC) (2013)

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