They Breathe (PC) (2012)

Overview: You are a frog making swimming deep down into the mysterious waters below the surface. As you make your way down, you encounter... other creatures. What do they want? What do they need? It's a mystery. It's a discovery. It's part of the adventure. It's part of the fun.

I took a break from playing games and returned to my seat. Eventually, however, I was bored and so I tried to look for one more game to play. I decided to play They Breathe. As with the other games, I played it without sound and offline. I didn't, however, get to play much of it (I don't remember why*).

Title Screen. You can leave the game at any time (Q) and resume it from where you left off.

Setup: Zenbook, without sound.

Offline Game Time: 3 minutes (session game time)

*If I were to guess (20190222), I was on a plane and the plane was about to land, so I turned the game off in order to shut down my laptop.

[20190222 Edit]

Today I played another set of games offline. The first game I played was They Breathe, because I only got to play three minutes of it the last time I set out to play games.

Setup: Zenbook, with sound.

Encounter other creatures.

Gameplay Log:
Warning: The majority of this game is the discovery. So I would recommend not reading the spoilers.
This game is mysterious.
The person next to me on the plane, we had previously talking, was looking over and said it looks like that one's (referring to one of the frogs) crying for help. I agreed with him. [It didn't immediately process that I should help it get bubbles.]
These moose are really just jelly with dead frogs!!!
Difficult first run. I only saved three frogs and I died several times.
While I managed to finish the game, I didn't completely understand it.

First Impressions:
The game play was initially mysterious and unravels as it progresses. For example, the second spoiler above was mind blowing. In any case, the most similar game I've played to this one is Coil.

Offline Game Time: 27 minutes (session game time)


Today I revisited the game in order to refresh myself on it (for the blog). It was fun to re-experience the game and what it had to offer.

Setup: Desktop, with sound.

Gameplay Log:
Started a game.
Wasn't sure if there was a resume feature (in hindsight, there is) and so I paused the game for 20 minutes while caring for baby.
After many deaths, I finished the game.
At the end of the credits, there was a website and a password.
Spent 7 minutes on the website.
Turned the game off.
Later came back and played for another 16 minutes.

Steam Game Time: 78 minutes (session game time)

Defeated the boss!

+ Atmospheric
+ Minimalistic
+ Great sound
+ Short game, but quality gameplay
+ Reasonable checkpoints (unlimited tries)

~ Lack of instructions due to the developer's intention of discovery

Overall, They Breathe is a short, but enjoyable game.

They Breathe (PC) (2012)

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