Angvik (PC) (2013)

Overview: A platformer designed with an itemization mechanic: armor, dual-wield weapons, and potions for upgrades.

I was looking for a game to play and I had trouble settling on a particular game, because I had so many choices. In fact, I was close to not playing any at all. In the end, I was mainly deciding between Angvik and Torchlight II. I decided to play Angvik.

I tried each character at least once. I'm not sure if the late game between them differs. I was under the impression that the choice of character only affects the player's starting items.* Of course, these starting items make a difference in how the player approaches the game.

My furthest progress was short of passing the third level; I didn't know how the sandpit monsters work: I jumped on the tongue of the second to last one and then dropped into it's mouth. Note that the tongue will remain suspended for a short time.

Setup: Keyboard. Note: Default keyboard keys are arrow keys and WASD. Use any of WASD to select menu options.

Steam Game Time: 18 minutes + 29 minutes**

*While writing this post, I learned that there are different achievements for finishing with each starting choice.
**I returned to the game to play an extra 29 minutes in order to take some extra screenshots.

+ Replay value.
+ Interesting gameplay mechanics.

~ A short game. There are five levels. I watched a run on YouTube which lasted about 7 minutes.

Minor Con:
- The artwork makes it look like it came from Scribblenauts.

Similar to Potatoman Seeks the Troof (2014), Angvik is a short and mildly difficult platformer which will take multiple playthroughs to complete.

However, Angvik is less difficult, with medium difficulty in the gameplay mechanics and medium difficulty in the environment. Potatoman only allows for jumping, but arguably low difficulty in the gameplay mechanics and high difficulty in the environment.

Angvik is a short game with a medium difficulty. Due to the difficulty, players with the time to play the game until they beat it will feel a degree of accomplishment. And, for those who enjoy the game, there's a sufficient amount of replay value.

Personally, I watched a run of this game while writing this post, built some inkling to go back to the game and try to beat it, but decided not to - partially a byproduct of owning too many games. If this game is in your collection and you're a fan of platformers, Angvik is worth a try.

Angvik (PC) (2013)

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