Wanderlust: Rebirth (PC) (2011)

Today I played the tutorial and the controls (playing with a controller) were awkward (e.g., open doors with RB and going through hints with D-Pad left). Then, after reaching the end of the tutorial, I manage to get the game to crash on me (I was tabbing in and out for various reasons).

Upon restarting the game, my character was still there, but I didn't have the sword I had crafted. However, I didn't know if this was intentional.

On a different note, I noticed that there were indicators on the bottom right which showed the current button mappings. That's helpful.

Proceeding, I started the story with my fighter and played until I died against a character named Barbuda. So then I created another character and somehow lost the progress I had made in the story.

Frustrated with the controls, I decided to quit. According to Steam, I wasted an hour with the game.

Eventually, looking to collect some more Steam Trading Cards, I returned to the game. This time, however, I played with a keyboard, and it was a much better experience.

Remark: When using the keyboard, press 'T' to chat and press 'Esc' to cancel. The text being typed is placed somewhat in the middle of the left-hand side of the screen. When using a gamepad, there are a couple of chat hotkeys.

[20150602][20170313 Edit]

+ Players can play with up to three friends (four-player co-op)

~ Using the keyboard was better than using the gamepad (with one exception, what key on the keyboard do I press to find the keys!?!)

- Confusing (gamepad) control scheme

- Confusing menu system (less confusing with keyboard)
- Unclear story and/or game progression

Wanderlust: Rebirth (PC) (2011)

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