Batman: Arkham Asylum (PC) (2009)

Today I played the game for about forty minutes. (Normal)

The Batman

Although I already started playing Arkham Asylum (20131128), I seemed to have misplaced the save file. As such, I just started the game over from the beginning. (Normal)

Part 1 (0:48:27) The recording has expired.

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Part 2 (0:52:33)* (blown elevator to obtain explosive gel).
Part 3 (0:34:54)* (Bane to Main Sewer Junction) (PM hours).

The Joker

*The recording has expired.

Addicted to the game, I finished it today.

Part 4 (3:10:58)* (Main Sewer Junction to Harley kidnaps two guards)
Part 5 (1:02:53)* (Harley kidnaps two guards to Glasshouse Entrance)
Part 6 (0:20:32)*
Part 7 (1:07:38)* (shut down power generator to learn about Killer Croc).

Peer around corners

*The recording has expired.

Having beat the main game, today I made progress towards completing Riddler's Challenge.

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Today I finished up Riddler's Challenge:
1) Found the last teeth in Arkham Island, West.
2) Found the last two teeth in Arkham Island, East.
3) Tried looking through all of Arkham Mansion for the last three. USEDFAQ: Found the last three in Arkham Mansion (Warden's Office).

Harley Quinn

4) Found the remaining six secrets in Penitentiary. They're easy to find due to their marked locations on the map. It then becomes a matter of figuring out how to get to them.
5) Found the last teeth in Medical Facility.
6) Found the last secret in Caves.

Having finished Riddler's Challenge, I next tackled some of the game's Challenges:
Intensive Treatment 8935 (One Bat)
Silent Knight 4:16.02 (Three Bats)

The Scarecrow

Sewer Bat 4700 (Zero Bats)
Survival Tactics 4:16.64 (Three Bats)

[20181003 Edit]

Yesterday, after I was done playing, I looked up a YouTube video and watched someone playing one of the fights. His/her method involved starting the fight with the bat claw followed by a stun. This automatically starts a combo with two variations. I didn't pay attention to what else went on, but simply adding those two moves has improved my scores.

Land combos

Shock and Awe 7200 (Zero Bats)
Record Breaker 2:40.62 (Three Bats)
Rumble in the Jungle 10870 (One Bat)
Invisible Predator 6:46.46 (Three Bats)
: Blah. A grate take down isn't satisfying like the analog found in Mark of the Ninja. It's just popping out of a grate and executing a silent take down.
Intensive Treatment (Extreme) 10440 (One Bat)

Poison Ivy

Silent Knight (Extreme) 1:38.48 (Three Bats)
: My strategy: At the start, I run around the corner to the ladder and go up and place a bomb. I drop down across the way and set a bomb under the glass. Finally, I drop down into the grates, walk to the center, and then go up to place the last bomb. I detonate the bombs when all three are in place. (I didn't experiment with trying to get an earlier kill.) In any case, after the kill, I come up to wait for the two guys to check on the body. When they do, I zip across to kill them both. I get the last guy by hooking to a gargoyle and gliding down.

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Batman: Arkham Asylum (2009)

Glide through the air.

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