Mark of the Ninja (PC) (2012)

So this makes one of the few games I've purchased at the price of 50% off on Steam as opposed to dirt cheap in a bundle or 75% off on Steam (often 66% off is acceptable too). I decided to get it, because I saw someone playing part of it and the game looked amazing. Now that I've played the game, I can say that the game did not disappoint me.

Screenshot from a cutscene.

I would say, however, that the game's choice of introduction to character movement felt long and slow. It might have been the only way to properly emphasize the stealth theme of the game, but I can't help feeling it was long and slow. Of course, once the controls have been learned, the game feels quite fluid.

Note: Eventually there are abilities to unlock that will allow for more points from special kills. Thus, a first run through the game should be taken to get used to practicing how to get silent kills, but one shouldn't be too worried about setting off alarms. My rationale here is that you might be able to get a high score from trying to be a perfectionist your first time around, but you'll get an even higher score on the same level later, so why give yourself a headache about it early on. Enjoy the game first. Then try to for that high score for replay value.

Every successful silent kill is accompanied by a close-up sequence.

Tip: Silent kills can be executed with patience. Walk up behind a guard. Press the left mouse button. Then you have time (about a good second) to figure out whether you should swipe left or right, or for special kills, possibly up or down.

Tip: You won't be taught to run until a bit later. It's done with the shift button. It will make noise which is shown visually as a blue circle emanating from the point of origin. All detectable sounds in the game also emanate sound auras.

Tip: I don't think this was covered in the movement tutorial. But when at a ledge, press down and you'll be given the movement option to wall mount with the spacebar. Conversely, if you're at the top of a wall, press the spacebar to wall vault.

Screenshot from a cutscene.

Tip: Press tab and read the various side goals available in that level. It can be good to know them earlier in the level. For example, "Break 20 lights."

By the end of the first four levels, I would say that figuring out how to go through an area undetected and killing a couple (or all) of the guards while doing so is satisfying. Directing the protagonist starts to become very fluid and moving around the level is quite entertaining. Again, I'm pleased with my purchase of the game at 50% off and would play more if I didn't have more games to try.

Note to self: Controls are WASD, Q, spacebar, shift (run), left click, and right click.

Opened a door, ran forward, focused (paused time), targeted power panel.
Lasers deactivate, character is alive, and you (the player) feel awesome.

Tip: You can reuse the same door or dumpster to hide a new body. Just for the points. Not for the purpose of hiding a body from being detected by another soldier.

Today I decided to get back into Mark of the Ninja. While I streamed and recorded the gameplay, part of the screen got cut off and so I just deleted the recording.

Today I played for a little more than four hours.

Having grown tired of advancing through the game, I went back to the second level and had a little fun for half an hour.

Mark of the Ninja (PC) (2012)

Main Menu Screen.

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