Torchlight (PC) (2009)

I've less than an hour of this game, and thus far I'd say the gameplay is solid. On the other hand, I found the game's cartoonish graphics to be unappealing. These graphics might work for a different type of game or if I was in the right mood, but it's an action RPG and I'm not in the mood to play an action RPG with cartoonish graphics.


Another deterrent to playing more was the time investment I might have to put into the game. Where leveling is involved, one might be faced with grinding and I'm a little sick of grinding for the time being.

In response to my time investment worries, I did a Google search, and several sources put the game time for the main story at around 15 hours. At that point, I had realized how much time watching a speed run would save (a speed run would probably be 4 hours long). On the other hand, I already own the game, and watching the speed run would deprive me of the game's entertainment value.


With that being said, I would probably prefer to put hours of my time into one of games in The Elder Scrolls series (e.g., The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim) over playing more of Torchlight. From what I've seen, The Elder Scrolls series is more realistic looking than the Torchlight series. Furthermore, from what I've heard, The Elder Scrolls series offers much more customization than the Torchlight series.

Steam Game Time: 59 minutes

Equipment and Inventory .

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Torchlight (PC) (2009)

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