LostWinds (PC) (2016)

Overview: A casual platformer where the player uses wind (mouse on PC) as an integral part of the platforming and puzzle-solving.

Use wind to reach higher ground.

Looking to break even on my purchase of the Yogscast Jingle Jam 2017 bundle, today I decided to play LostWinds. While I was having fun with the game, I reached a point where the game unexpectedly crashed.

Setup: Keyboard and mouse.

Steam Game Time: 38 minutes

Despite the game crashing yesterday, I loaded it up again today and thankfully there was a save point not too far from where the game crash. Essentially no progress was lost.

Late game ability to soar up into the air.

Gameplay Log:
Trying to find the second chest and was stuck. Didn't seem like it was located in the Old Mines as was told.
I looked up a walkthrough and apparently I missed soil where a seed was supposed to be planted. With that being said, the area in question was not named "Old Mines."
Tip: the glorbs that spawn from a pool, they can be destroyed by using fire on the pool and then pulling out the black stick
I realized the above tip during the final fight against Magmok. Prior to that, I didn't know that those pool glorbs could be destroyed. It made the boss fight frustrating. But I figured since it was the end of the game, I would try to figure it out on my own. Somehow I figured it out.

Steam Game Time: 3.1 hours

Use wind to guide fire.

+ Soothing music and great sound
+ Game mechanic is unique (e.g., use of wind to jump)
+ Game ensures player knows how to use new abilities; at least most of the time
+ Nice art

~ Limited map
~ Alt-tabbing does not sit well with the game
~ What's Toku's incentive to help Enril?

"Defeated" Magmok.

Minor Con:
- Game crashed on me
- Some of the achievements didn't register.
- The main menu is non-traditional and difficult to use

- Controls sometimes feel difficult to use; lack finesse; that is, the controls feel clunky
- Not the best puzzle mechanics; sometimes repetitive
- Some areas where the game requires the player to repeat puzzles (upon returning to the area); in most areas the game remembers the area state when the player has left
- A boss fight at the end of the game which was uncharacteristic of the game.

Toku sleeps until Enril the wind spirit wakes him.

Although the game had it's flaws, it was short and good enough that I was able to finish it. While I don't think the game is good enough to outright recommend, I would recommend it to those who own it.

LostWinds (PC) (2016)

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