Final Fantasy Origins (PS) (2003)

20180509: (Final Fantasy)
Today I decided to play Final Fantasy alongside my wife. While my intention was to expose her to a classic game, I didn't take into account that I was also unfamiliar with the game. As such, I may have delivered a mixed experience.

Gameplay Log:
Starting Party: Bolo the Warrior, Swiper the Thief, Tala the White Mage, and Lilim the Black Mage.
Restarted, bought some equipment and spells. Traveled to the north. Fought the boss, but died because we did not heal.
Tried again. Made it back to the first boss. Win. Cross bridge. Battle. Died.
Tried again. Have to do that all over again.
Reached town. Defeated pirates (our party's attacks missed at first, but the pirates turned out to be easy).
Crossed ocean to the south. Elfheim. Hmm... final Inn.

I asked Ada what she thought of the game. She only gave me a neutral, typical response: "It's okay. It's fine."

I then asked her what she liked and/or disliked about the game. She disliked that the black mage, Lilim, always died. Meanwhile, she liked being able to go to every town and being able to just go around the game.

Finally, I asked if she would play more. At first she said, "It's okay." To which I said that it was a yes-or-no question, and so she said, "Yeah."

Note/Tip: I learned that the battle formation of the characters makes a difference. "Actually, the one on the top gets 50% of all enemy attacks. Second from the top gets 25%. The bottom two get 12.5% each."
Tip: Go to an Inn to heal and save party members with low HP. Go to a Church to revive party members.

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Final Fantasy Origins (PS) (2003)*
*Final Fantasy (NES) (1987)
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