Depth Hunter 2: Deep Dive (PC) (2014)

Overview: Dive, catch fish, find artifacts, and take pictures to earn money and... do all of that better.

I tried this game out today and it was difficult to spear fish at first but as I played more I began to get used to how the fish moved.

There are, however, goals outside of spearing fish.

While the game was fun and beautiful, I was eventually bored. I also have less incentive to play any particular game for hours on end because I have so many games in my Steam library which I haven't played.

Setup: Keyboard and Mouse. I briefly tried to see if the touchpad would actually help in this case (cause I could roll my finger to minutely move the cursor). However, I ultimately found the mouse was better, and the key was in getting a feel for the fishes' movements.

The radar detector helps me find treasure.

Steam Game Time: 73 min

+ It's a lovely feeling to swim through an ocean without having to actually swim through it
+ Several things to explore; most of the time missions can be completed leisurely

The shop is full of upgrades.

- Spearing fish is initially difficult to do; I wish I had my mouse with the sniper button
- Got boring

Overall, the game is fun, but it lacks a motivation for playing. This is possibly rooted in it's play/reward system. While the game gives coins and experience for meeting objectives, it does not give an incentive for earning either.

Reeling in a speared fish.

There are upgrades available in the shop, but I was not motivated to obtain any of those upgrades.

Since I doubt the game will ever change at this point, at least in the way I described, I would simply recommend players avoid this game. Maybe a better sequel will come out.

Depth Hunter 2: Deep Dive (PC) (2014)

Taking a picture.

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