Botanicula (PC) (2012)

Botanicula (PC) (2012)

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Overview: Join Mr. Lantern, Mrs. Mushroom, Mr. Feather, Mr. Poppy Head, and Mr. Twig on an adventure to save the last surviving seed from the clutches of evil spiders.

The music in this game is awesome, just absolutely awesome. The visuals are also a delight to see and the story is fun. Sometimes, I would trigger the proper event but go through all the incorrect events anyways. (I later learned this is sometimes necessary to unlock certain creature cards.)

While we were enjoying the game, we figured it'd be too long to finish and stopped playing a little after the completion of Level 3. More explicitly, we had just begun Level 4 and the prospect of collecting 14 bird creatures was overwhelming. Including cutscenes, getting to this point was about an hour of gameplay (approx. 9:50PM to 10:50PM).

Having played Windosill (PC) (2009) for thirty minutes and Botanicula for an hour, I figured we had enough point and click fun for the day and decided to revisit Legend of Dungeon [20140201: I realized today that Windowsill probably isn't a point and click game. If anything, it'd be more of a puzzler].

20140111 Comment:
After an hour of playing Legend of Dungeon, my friends went home and I went on to doing other things. However, at about 1:45AM, I got a hankering to resume Botanicula. Despite the craving, I ultimately decided it would be wise to get rest and I went to sleep.

Today I resumed the game at last Friday's save point: in the room with the horns and the assembling of animal parts. Having tried to do the puzzle in my head, I conceded and started taking notes.

Hint: The body part that appears determines the color of the tubes that show up next.

Solution: If snailhead then top=chickenbody, mid=frogbody, bot=snailbody.
If snailbody then top=chickenleg, mid=frogleg, bot=snailleg.
If chickenhead then top=frogbody, mid=snailbody, bot=chickenbody.
If chickenbody then top=snailleg, mid=chickenleg, bot=frogleg.
If froghead then top=snailbody, mid=chickenbody, bot=frogbody.
If frogbody then top=frogleg, mid=snailleg, bot=chickenleg.

In frustration of a puzzle (winning the bug race, but not earning the helmet), I did a Google search. DEFINITELYUSEDFAQ: Hit the helmet off with the nearby mushroom.

Not long after, I happily finished the game, logging about three and a half hours of gametime and having collected 105 out of 123 creatures cards.

10/10 Level 1 (Feathers); 01/01 Transition;
13/17 Level 2 (Keys); 01/01 Story Card I; 06/06 Interlude;
15/20 Level 3 (Children); 00/00 Story Card II; 01/01 Transition;
22/25 Level 4 (Birds); 03/03 Transition;
25/31 Level 5 (Elements); 00/00 Story Card III; 03/03 Transition;
05/05 Level 6 (Seeds);

Samorost, Machinarium (not shown), and Amanita Design references made here.

Unsatisfied with only 105 out of 123 creature cards and not having the proper save files to salvage the previous playthrough, I started a new run. However, this run didn't last long and I completed the first level a card short.

09/10 Level 1 (Feathers); 01/01 Transition;

Being more meticulous and stopping along the way to determine which cards I missed on my first playthrough, my second full run took a whopping eight hours, give or take. Actually, I also took notes in anticipation of executing a speedrun.

Level 2; Missed 01/04; DEFINITELYUSEDFAQ: Music creature.
Level 2; Missed 02/04; USEDFAQ: A tiny creature from a tiny hole.
Level 2; Missed 03/04; Woodpecker creature.
Level 2; Missed 04/04; Creature revealed by the woodpecker.

Level 3; Missed 01/05; Venus fly trap.
Level 3; Missed 02/05; Make all the sprouts grow.

I determined an efficient (least amount of clicks) solution for making all the sprouts grow. With the labeling below, click on A, H, A, C, A, H, A, E, A, F, A, H, A, G, A, F, A, C, A, E, A, G, A.


Remark: Without the reminder to click on A, we can write _HC HEF HGF CEG.

Level 3; Missed 03/05; DEFINITELYUSEDFAQ: Prevent a creature from hiding.
Level 3; Missed 04/05; Throw off all the sheep.
Level 3; Missed 05/05; DEFINITELYUSEDFAQ: Small, medium, and large cocoons.

Level 4; Missed 01/03; DEFINITELYUSEDFAQ: Find a moth in the balloon.
Level 4; Missed 02/03; DEFINITELYUSEDFAQ: Stork.
Level 4; Missed 03/03; In Frankenstein house.

Level 5; Missed 01/06; DEFINITELYUSEDFAQ: Frog.
Level 5; Missed 02/06; USEDFAQ: Runners in the loops.
Level 5; Missed 03/06; USEDFAQ: Sweep the tendrils.
Level 5; Missed 04/06; USEDFAQ: Bounce on the five.
Level 5; Missed 05/06; USEDFAQ: One of the ocean creatures.
Level 5; Missed 06/06; USEDFAQ: One of the ocean creatures.

10/10 Level 1 (Feathers); 01/01 Transition;
17/17 Level 2 (Keys); 01/01 Story Card I; 06/06 Interlude;
20/20 Level 3 (Children); 00/00 Story Card II; 01/01 Transition;
25/25 Level 4 (Birds); 03/03 Transition;
31/31 Level 5 (Elements); 00/00 Story Card III; 03/03 Transition;
05/05 Level 6 (Seeds);
100% Creature Cards!

Addicted to this game and having put the work in to keeping notes, I attempted an "100% creature card" speedrun.

Having failed to collect all the creature cards, I tried again and this time I succeeded.

Today I made a new set of notes for the purpose of completing the game without any regard to collecting the creature cards.

While I eventually want to do a run where I watch all the cutscenes and see just about everything there is to see in the game, I pretty much had my fill of playing the game for the time being after this fifth full run of the game. I did, however, continue listening to the game's soundtrack a couple times over, because I love the game!

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